Add Northern Chile on your bucket list

Spending some 18 days in Chile was a game-changer for me. I have never spent 18 days in any country without visiting any other. Sure, border with Argentina was very close for most of the time and that Bolivian one was not that far either while in the north. However, I plan to visit Bolivia combined with Peru and visiting Argentina just for two or three nights didn’t make sense to me. And guess what, I loved having a plenty of time to explore Chile. It is quite an expensive country and that trip to Easter Island costs you A LOT. However you really feel like visiting the rim of the world. I managed to see only central and northern part of the country, Patagonia is still waiting for my next visit. While the area around Santiago seemed a bit boring, things I have seen up in the north will stay with me for a long time. El Tatio geyser field, Valle de la Luna, abandoned saltpeter cities, spooky graveyards… this is the place to go while in Chile!

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