Madeira - The island of passion (fruit)

I don’t mind spending long hours in the plane, really. But Madeira isn’t that far away even for a regular European tourist. To the west from Morocco is hidden one of the most beautiful islands not only in Europe. Full of fresh fruit, tasty Portuguese smoked meat and last but not least - lovely nature. I have totally enjoyed this week on the island and I would love to share a few pictures with you before I will make a dedicated album for Portugal. I have already been to Porto, Lisbon, Madeira and in October I’m heading to Alentejo so new album will be a sure thing. I’m also working on album from Tunisia so stay tuned. Next 10 weeks will be incredible with trips to USA, Portugal, Cambodia, Zimbabwe and Botswana. I honestly hope to be back on Christmas without malaria and other diseases with funny names. And hey… pssst… I have officially crossed the river to the Nikon fields after eight years… #D850 #fingerscrossed #majorswitch

Last trip with Canon - off to Madeira!

Hey folks! The crazy autumn is starting tomorrow. I’m well aware it is still technically not an autumn but common… it is (almost) September already! And why crazy? In next three months I’m going to hit Madeira, San Francisco, Yosemite NP, Las Vegas, Alentejo part of Portugal, Cambodia and hopefully, fingers crossed, Botswana. Madeira seems to be my last trip with my good old Canon 6D. I liked those seven years I was on Canon side but next month I’m officially switching to Nikon D850 which perfectly suits my landscaping needs. I’m sure it will be a challenge but I simply have to overcome this obstacle. And btw, people, any recommendations for Madeira? It will be my second time over there but any recommendations are more than appreciated!

Fresh breeze from Lebanon

Lebanon is one of the emerging hotspots for European tourism market. Situation in the country gets better and as Islamic State is withdrawing from their neighbouring country, Syria, people slowly start to be more optimistic about Lebanon’s future. Proud Lebanese Marc-Antoine Bou Nassif from Beirut is doing a great job promoting local honey while working with mobile beehives. Design of his shops and packaging is of a top-notch quality and I’m very happy to feature an interview with him very soon. An inspiring businessman but also a very kind family man as well. You better check his project yourself HERE.

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