Goodbye Canon. And now - Nikon or Sony?

I have been waiting for Canon 6DII for ages. Now when the waiting is over, I know that my path with Canon is at its very end. The question is - will be Nikon D820 (possibly D850) everything I need? Can I somehow avoid swichting to Sony which I’m pushing away from me for last 14-16 months? The reality is that dynamic range of all Canon bodies is nowadays such terrible comparing to other brands that although I hate switching anything in my life, the moment of a big change is knocking at the door.

Hello?! Who’s there?

Peter Habeler in Prague

It is always fascinating to meet people who actually achieved something really impressive and have a story to tell. Famous Austrian climber Peter Habeler is certainly one of those. He is so different when compared to his climbing buddy Reinhold Messner. Habeler is always chatty and smiling and that is something you can’t say about Messner. In the interview in Prague Habeler told me that Messner was always like that. For most of the time silent and not a funny person at all. But always 100 percent professional. And from my point of view, that is the reason they were the best climbing duo ever…

Dubai: Too many choices

Wednesday is the day. Leaving Prague with Flydubai airlines for an expected destination: Dubai. God praise the business class. Only three full days in Dubai this time so it will help to arrive fresh and well rested. I can’t wait to experience Dubai Food Festival myself and especially Eat the World event as I’m a huge fan of a street food. However I would need at least a second stomach. Handling around 25 stalls in around two hours is just bloody too much. Oh dear, oh dear! Wish me good luck and have a look at the festival here.

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